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5mm HDPE geonet composite geotextile drainage layer use for hsd-208

5mm HDPE geonet composite geotextile drainage layer use for  hsd-208
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Product Details
5mm HDPE geonet composite geotextile drainage layer use for Landfill Description: Composite Geonet for drainage layer is a new type of geosynthetics. The HDPE geonet thickness are: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm. The non woven geotextile materials are: PET non woven geotextile and PET continuous filament non woven geotextile.  Specifications: core thickness: 4 mm - 8 mm; Width: 2m / 4m, composite geotextile: short fiber needle punched geotextile, filament spunbonded needle punched geotextile, the length at request. Application: Landfill drainage Roadbed and road drainage Railway drainage Tunnel drainage Underground structure drainage The retaining back wall drainage Grdens and sports grounds drainage Features 1- Excellent drainage function, can bear long time high press load. 2- High tensile strength and shear strength. 3- Reduce the rate geotextile embedding into the core of geonet, can protect long time stable water conductivity. 4- Tri-dimension composite geonet for drainage can bear more than 2000 kpa compression load. 5- Its anti-compression capacity is much larger than common geonet for drainage. http://www.huataogroup.com
Company Profile
  • Company Name : HUATAO GROUP LTD
  • Country : 10046
  • Legal Representative/Business Owner :
  • Zip Code : 050000
  • Year Established : 2008
  • Number of Employees : 11 - 50 People
  • Total Annual Sales Volume :
  • Industry : Apparel
  • Brands :
  • Business Model : Manufacturer
  • Business Market :
  • Sales : Geosynthetic ,Geotextile Fabrics,Geocell & Geogirds,Non woven Fabric,Wood Plastic Composite,Geomembrane pond liner
  • Buy :
  • Area :
  • Register Place :
  • Number of Technical staff :
  • Quality :
  • Export Percent :
  • Company Website URL : www.huataogroup.com
  • Company Profile :

    HUATAO GROUP LTD was found in 2008 by the owner Floyd, As the Group company,The boss collect all factories in together and establish HUATAO GROUP.

    HUATAO as the manufacturer and trader agent of a wide range of products and provide the professional servies all over the world which relate to Paper and Packaging industry,Filtration and separation,Constructions and other projects,Mining industry,Screen Printng Applications ect.

    Our Main products including:

    a) Geomembranes,Geonet,GCL and Geotextiles fabrics used for earthwork projects or mining industry

    b) Nonwovens cloth for wipes,Diapers,Facial Mask,Medical Clothing,towel ect.

    c) wood plastic Composite products

    d) Corrugator belts and corrugating rolls for Auto corrugating lines,

    e) Paper Machine Clothings ,Blades and chemicals used for paper industry,

    Our team of senior engineers can organize the best commodity source for you. By supplying the best Chinese products, Professional design and responsible attitude on service,we devote to creating our unique brand "HUATAO" in global.
    Since the establishment, " HUATAO " products have been supplied to more than 20 countries and set up the agencies. And our products and service have been recognized and trusted by the end users all the way. We believe, once we have the cooperation, "HUATAO" will be your most reliable partners in your road to success. Because of trust , business will be simple.

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