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Copper Wire Led String Light With Battery

Copper Wire Led String Light With Battery
Company Name:
Shenzhen Lesterlighting Technology Co., Limited
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Product Details
Copper Wire Led String Light With Battery,Website:http://www.szokled.com,Led String Lights
Company Profile
  • Company Name : Shenzhen Lesterlighting Technology Co., Limited
  • Country : 10046
  • Legal Representative/Business Owner :
  • Zip Code :
  • Company Address :
  • Year Established : 2000
  • Number of Employees : Above 1000 People
  • Total Annual Sales Volume :
  • Industry : Agriculture
  • Brands :
  • Business Model : Manufacturer
  • Business Market :
  • Sales : LED String Light LED Rope Ligh,2D/3D Motif Light LED Icicle L,Fiberglass Statue EL Wire/Pane
  • Buy :
  • Area :
  • Register Place :
  • Number of Technical staff :
  • Quality :
  • Export Percent :
  • Company Website URL : http://www.szokled.com
  • Company Profile : Shenzhen Lesterlighting Technology Co., Limited. is a pioneer manufacturer of opto-electronic products in China. Our production facilities in China offer quality products and the best value in the world. Our company is dedicated to customer service and quality product at competitive prices and offers years of experience in working on opto-electronic products for lighting to all of our customers.
    LESTERLIGHTING was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Shenzhen,Website:http://www.szokled.com, with four branches in China. LESTERLIGHTING focuses on but not limited to the research, development and production of LED, EL,LCM, switching power supplies, digital products, communications equipment, home appliances, automotive electronics and new energy products. We have a number of well-known experts who have made outstanding contributions to many products which have applied for patents.
    LESTERLIGHTING specializes in leading-edge LED lighting products for indoor lighting and decorative lighting. With strong R&D team members who are professional in the areas of LED application, electronics, illumination, structure, LED special power supply, technical design and others, we run our factory in strict accordance with ISO9001:2000 international quality standard. All of our products meet the standards of CE, UL, GS and RoHS.
    LESTERLIGHTING LED lights and lamps have the lifespan of 100,000 hours. Our LED bulbs come in different bases, degrees and colors to meet your lighting requirements. We use only high quality LEDs that use minimal electricity, create little heat and take low maintenance. LED is a cost-effective alternative for traditional lighting. Our LED lighting products give consistent light even in extreme environment and they contain no mercury.
    We deeply believe that people who believe in wonder could create wonder.
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Copper Wire Led String Light W,  Led String Lights,  
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