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Washcloth Sets For General House Cleaning hsd-302

Washcloth Sets For General House Cleaning  hsd-302
Company Name:
Bondre China Textile Co., Ltd
Contact Person:
Linda Jin
Company Phone:
Company Fax:
Company Address:
Anba Bridge, Fusheng Villege, Fusheng Town, Shaoxing
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Product Details
BONDRE 2 Pieces Pack Microfiber Multi-purposes Towels Set BONDRE Microfiber Multi-purposes Towels Set has 2 pieces of kitchen towels. They can be used in different ways as kitchen washcloths-- wash the table wares with less detergent, as washroom towel--dry the moisture quickly, as dining room cleanging towels-- to clean the tables and furniture, as  facial exfoliationg beauty towels -- gentle remove the makeup and cleanse the skin, as car drying towels - clean the cars and polish automatically... It help you complete daily house cleaning in less time. The  towel is clean without lint, fast dry after wash, therefore will not be mouldy after long time use. BONDRE  Microfiber Multi-purposes Towels is really mutifuctioned, please refer to the details following More Usage Suggestions: - Dusting remove (use it dry only its good enough); - Mirrors and glasses and windows shinning (half wet to wipe down the glass and follow up with the dry to complete); - Electronic screens cleanse (use it dry );- Stainless steel polish (clean with a wet one and follow up with a dry one) - Wood floors clean (can fit the mops and use dry ones for dusting and wet ones for mopping); - Soaking up spilled water; - cleaning cabinetry; - washing the cars; - dry the spilled water...  More suggestion for care: - To maintain the microfiber cloth or towel cleaning efficiency, we suggest to wash it separately in cold water (when washed with other clothes they might pick up and hold the lint from other clothes, which will be a hassle to get off);  -Please do not use softener, no bleach no tumble; - please dry them with low heat or hang it dry naturally.                             http://www.bondre-cn.com
Company Profile
  • Company Name : Bondre China Textile Co., Ltd
  • Country : 10046
  • Legal Representative/Business Owner :
  • Zip Code : 315000
  • Company Address : Anba Bridge, Fusheng Villege, Fusheng Town, Shaoxing
  • Year Established : 2003
  • Number of Employees : 11 - 50 People
  • Total Annual Sales Volume :
  • Industry : Apparel
  • Brands :
  • Business Model : Manufacturer
  • Business Market :
  • Sales : Textile Products,Microfiber Cleaning Towels,Flecce Blankets,Kitchen Dishes Washcloths,Camo Fabrics,Bath Robes For Men And Women
  • Buy :
  • Area :
  • Register Place :
  • Number of Technical staff :
  • Quality :
  • Export Percent :
  • Company Website URL : www.bondre-cn.com
  • Company Profile :

    Our company has experience of exporting business for more than 14 years, our main products are microfiber towels, fleece blankets, fabrics and bath robes. Our main market is USA, Eruope, South America, Japan. We always welcome OEM as our production can supply qualified and fulfill contracts honestly.

    Nowadays, our
    company have been developed to have more than 150 employees, 2 production
    bases, 1 branch office and 16,000 SM working area, occupying ability of daily
    output about 150,000pcs of towels, or 30,000pcs of blankets or 25 tons fabric.
    In order to have much closer link to the people all over the world, we are
    happy to be here, open our mind and waiting for your queries, your questions
    and even your doubts.

    We know that to
    start a new business is not easy, but to present our sincerity, our honest, our
    credit to you would be a good beginning!!

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